Notice: A real brother is the one, who never hide anything useful from his brother in Humanity, especially when this thing, is concerned with the eternal destiny of all people everywhere. God will regard this as a great crime & He will decrease his rewards & responsibilities in Heaven in the last day?
Dr Gamil Farah.
1st Jan 2002
Subject of the dialogue:
Can we fight world Terrorism & establish global peace without anymore wars? The answer: of course, yes, if everyone knows the Truth!

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Important dialogue in the Internet between Dr Gamil Farah (a Christian) & Professor: S.Hameed (a Muslim).

Dear Dr Gamil 1/1/02
Prof. S Hameed says: Shalom aleichem! {This is the greeting Jesus taught his disciples} Peace be with you! Here is no side issue: {you call the Muslims terrorists for instance, and when I answer, you say it is a side issue and ignore what I say! Your position is very funny indeed!}.
Reply of Dr Gamil: What do you say dear Professor, about Osama Bin Ladin, Mulla Moh Omer (who because of his Taliban Regime in Afghanistan, we don’t know exactly how many millions Muslims & non Muslims were killed & how many millions Muslims became refugees, displaced, disfigured & disabled (by Land mines), Saddam Hussein who because of him about more than 1.5? millions Muslims & others were killed in unnecessary Gulf wars between him in his 8 years war with Iran & his wars with Kuwait & others, & unknown numbers of Muslims in Iraq became refugees, displaced, miserable, disabled & disfigured. What do you say, about the Islamic Gangs in Saudi Arabia, Moraco, Algeria (where more than 120,000 innocent Muslim men, women, pregnant women & children were butchered savagely), Somalia, Egypt, Indonesia, Yemen, Pakistan, Sudan (where ab 2.5 millions were killed in 20 years in unnecessary wars & more than 5-7 millions became refugees, displaced, beggars, criminals, ill with killing diseases as Malaria, Ebola & AIDS disease as well (the most dangerous disease at the end of History), & other Muslim countries who brought horror to the whole world & they call all these violent & Barbaric acts as JIHAD in the name of the innocent God. Were these people, a peaceful people? Don’t you agree my friend that especially after the horrible incident of 11/ 9/2001 where about 3000 innocent people s were killed in a very dramatic savage way? Don’t you think that Christians as President G. W. Bush, P.M. Tony Blair, P.M. John Howard & others have the full right to defend & save themselves & the whole World from these dangerous criminals who have been deceived for centuries by the wrong teaching of Islam & the leaders of Islam?

Prof Hameed asked: And in a frantic bid to find justification for your blasphemy, you blame the Muslims (of all people) of idolatry. Therefore, indeed you must repent and return to the One and Only God, at the earliest.
Reply of Dr Gamil: This is very funny indeed, because every now & then you are trying to convince me that these very ugly & obscene rituals, as bowing, touring, kissing, day & night to stone idols in
Mecca, & in pilgrimages & Omra are not idolatry worship.  If this Ka`abah was not important for worship to God as you say, why every year the Saudi Government. wash the black stone twice yearly very well with rose water & pour very precious nice perfumes on it as if preparing a bride for her marriage day & and then they cover the Ka`abah every year with a new big precious black silky clothing embroidered with golden verses from the Quran inscribed on it? In 2001, that clothing was worth more than 6 millions U.S dollars, & you say these rituals are not idolatry worship?
Is not that stone whether it is coming from Heaven or any other place, is a mere dump & blind ugly stone?
& God warned, severe punishment, here, & in the second spiritual life to anyone who bows to stones or worship them, as written in the Jewish Sharia Law which was written about 2000 years before Islam as in (the Bible: Deuteronomy: 17: 1-7) «If a man or a woman bow to any stone or any idol, or to a grave or to a spirit of a dead man, take that man or woman to outside the city & stone that person to death, to purge the evil from among you, the hands of the witnesses must be 1st in putting him to death & then the hands of all people». & In the 2nd commandment of the 10 commandments, of God, given to Prophet Moses (kaleem Allah i.e. the one who used to speak with God) in 2 stone tablets, also about 2000 years before Islam, said: «You shall not make any idol made from stone or any images resembling animals, birds or fish, you must never bow or worship it in any way, for I, the Lord your Only God, I am very possessive, I will not share your affection with any other god!, and when I punish people for this great sin, the punishment continue upon the children, and grand children, and great grand children of those who hate me, and do such bad things; but I lavish my love upon thousands of those who love me and obey my commandments» (Exodus 20: 5&6).
Why when a Muslim prays 5 times/day in any part of the world, he should direct himself, toward the Ka’abah in Mecca, & people in Mecca, day & night, they bow to it, and everyone must bow and honour it, and tour 7 times around the black stone idol inside it, who doesn’t see, hear, talk, feel or move, and if he was lucky enough to reach it among the multitudes who are crowding near it, he has the right to kiss it to have mercy, blessings, and forgiveness from this blind and dump stone? & all the Muslims in the world honour the Ka’abah & the black stone idol in Mecca more than anything else. Does not these ugly deeds expose Islam as a mere Pagan Religion & has no relation whatsoever with Christianity for example, or any other heavenly Religion? You say that in History, Prophet Ibrahim & his son Ishmael went to Mecca to put the foundations of the Kaaba
h.  So let me ask you this very important question: we know that Prophet Moses was speaking with God almost daily for 40 years about 2000 years before Islam (about 1400 B.C), why God, did not show him the secret of the Kaa’bah & the Black stone inside it if they were really important for worship to Him? In spite we know that the time of Moses was not far from Prophet Abraham (who lived 175 years as written in the Old Testament Genesis 25:7, grand father of Prophet Israel (Jacob who was the father of all Prophets afterward including Jesus Christ) & his eldest son Ishmael (Uncle of Prophet Israel, who lived 137 years as mentioned in the Old Testament; Genesis 25:17). & when we know these facts, why Prophet Israel who lived 147 years (Torah i.e. Old Testament: Genesis: 28: 47), his 12 sons, 4 wives, Dina his only daughter & his uncountable grand children & great grand children & the Christian people didn’t go to worship the Ka`abah in Mecca like their grandfather & Uncle did as you say?? Was Almighty God changeable like men & has different ways of worship to Him? My dear Muslim friend you should know that everything can change except Almighty God who never changes as the Bible says.
Imp notice: Twin brother of Prophet Israel: Esau was married to Mahalla the daughter of his Uncle Ishmael (Old Testament, Genesis 28:9) who had many wife’s, a multitude of children, grand children, why we didn’t hear in Quran that he used to go to Mecca to worship there?

By the way God makes only men & Angels Holy and never dump blind stones or dead people. & Jesus said in Mathew 22 “God is only a God of living beings & will never be the God of dead people or stones or Idols”
Please my friend, I advise you as a loving brother to pray continuously & diligently every minute with your mind to God to open your eyes to the truth, as mentioned in the Gospel: 1st  Timothy 2:3–4 «This is good, & pleases God Our Saviour. Who wants all men to be saved (from slavery of Satan, sin & eternal death in Hell in the last day) & to come to the knowledge of the truth»?
God is the only one, Who can convince you my brother as the Gospel says, & leave this religion, which honour stones more than God & wants to bring civilization Thousands years back & destroy every thing beautiful contemporary man made & wants also to spread hatred between all people of the earth & impose Islam by force in the whole world in the name of Jihad, to be Muslims, (i.e. to enforce Islam to all nations of the Earth by force so as to please God? & to guarantee going to the alleged Paradise mentioned in the Quran, where he will meet beautiful girls with big eyes & very beautiful white skin boys to enjoy sex with them) & if any one doesn’t agree with them they will kill him in cold blood, even if he was their own Muslim brother, as was seen in all Islamic countries during the different bloody wars of Islam along the past 14 centuries of Islam.
I believe we do not need any proof to detect that the cause of Global Terrorism prevailing & all troubles occurring in the World today are due to the Muslims. Is not that true my friend?
What do you say about the horrible incident of 11/9/2001 in America where 3 Thousands of innocent people died in a very dramatic
savage way, does not this proof that Islam is a very dangerous barbaric Religion & must disappears with its idols from this civilized world? I believe if we destroy these stone idols in Mecca peace will come to this world?
Who had the privilege my friend in the great advancement of civilization until now? Who invented marvellous things like the Electricity, light, Telephones, Radios, Mobiles, T.V., Aero Planes, Cars, Trains, Computer, internet, satellites (which changed the world to a small village), useful medical equipments and useful drugs to Humanity & who hurry to help other peoples in needs who need comfort & sympathy (as the RED CROSS & Others)? Who are the most powerful & rich people nowadays, the Christians or the Muslims? & what that mean, except that God is blessing them more than any other peoples & in the Bible (Daniel: 7: 18) 500 B.C. wrote that the Christians will govern the World in the last days. Was not that prophecy is fulfilled to-day? Of course we can not ignore that in the last 4 centuries the British, the French, the Holland’s, the Belgian’s, the Italians, the Spanish, the Portuguese & at last the Americans, who all of them were Christians were governing the World to-day. What did the Muslims make except to invent all sorts of abuse of human rights to their own people & kill them if possible?
I was born again in 1977 with the Holy Spirit (Who is God Himself!), (Read John 3 to know how you can be Baptized by the Holy Spirit & be born again). I wish you, to have the same experience very soon & this is not impossible for any one, Just ask the Loving God (who gave the beautiful Earth) diligently from your own heart & he is ready to give you His Holy Spirit, to live inside you & grant you the happy eternal spiritual life here & in the last day. It is a wonderful experience, my friend, that God himself is ready to live inside you & change your life. I will be waiting for the good news of your conversion to the true Christianity. And I advise you to hurry & read the Gospel because it is written about it in Romans 1: 16 «
It is Gods powerful method of bringing all who believe it, to Heaven (and save them from Hell in the last day)». Gospel = Good news.
Love in the Living & Holy Jesus Christ (The Word & Spirit of God himself, who, with a Godly miracle was incarnated in the picture of a Holy man in the womb of the Virgin Mary 2000 years ago, as mentioned in the Gospel).
Please Professor S.Hameed note that Jesus Christ (THE WORD OF GOD) was the Last Prophet, because he said 2000 years ago to his Disciples in (Mathew 24:11 & 24): «& many false prophets will appear after me & lead many astray». & In the Gospel, in (Revelation 1: 11 & 22: 13) Jesus Christ said: «I am the A & Z, the Beginning & the End, the First & the Last (Prophet!) ».
Bye, with love. Dr Gamil Farah.
Prof Hameed asked: You break the First Commandment by worshipping a man called Jesus of Nazareth as God, I SAY GOD CANNOT DO ANYTHING, WILL NOT DO ANYTHING. FOR EXAMPLE: GOD CANNOT BE BORN, CANNOT DIE. HE IS THE ALPHA AND THE OMEGA?
Reply of Dr Gamil: In the Bible Jesus had other names: “Son of man & the only Son of God & in the Gospel & the Koran the Holy Word of God (i.e. the mind & Wisdom of God Himself) & also The Holy Spirit of God who with a miracle shared men in their flesh & blood as mentioned in the Gospel. Also called Emmanuel i.e. God with us in Isaiah 7 & Math 1 and he was also called “King of Kings & Lord of Lords” in Revelation 19. Also he called himself the Light of the world (Gospel: John 8) & the Way to Heaven i.e. the straight path to Heaven (John 14: 6) & the Door of Heaven (John 15) & the Good Shepard (John 10) & the one who is going to Judge all people in the Last day (Mathew 24: 31 & 32) & the only One who has the keys of Hell. Besides it is not written my bother in the Quran & the Gospel that Almighty God can do anything? Did not He create Heaven & Earth from nothing, only by His Word (who is Jesus Christ)? & He said: “Be, & everything became a reality”. Did not he became a flame of fire in a bush & when Prophet Moses saw that the bush was on fire but didn’t burn up, he went to see that strange thing & when he became near to it, he heard a voice calling his name twice telling him not to come closer & to remove his shoes because the place where he was standing was very Holy & when Moses asked who are you? God answered him from the flame of fire! I am your God & God chatted with him for a long time (read the Bible, Exodus, 3 & 4).
Did not God, let the rod in the hand of Prophet Moses to turn into a big living serpent & when he caught it again from its tail it turned to rod again (Exodus:3)? & once He let the crows for complete 3.5 months to feed Prophet Elias twice daily with meat & bread in the desert (1 Kings:17) & also once he let a donkey speaks ( the Bible, Numbers: 22).
Didn’t God appeared to Prophet Abraham as a holy man (the Bible: Genesis 18) & spend almost a whole day chatting with him & ate from the food prepared by his wife Sara & that is the reason Prophet Abraham was called Khaleel Allah i.e. the best friend of God. And He also appeared as a man To Prophet Jacob i.e. Israel) & wrestled with him all night till the morning (Genesis 32) & when Prophet Jacob could not overcome him, that Holy man told him to leave him, but Prophet Jacob refused to leave him unless he blesses him, & on that day that holy man blessed him & changed his name, Jacob, to Israel which means the man who struggle hard with God & people so as to winn.
So why you contain God in your small mind & say that Jesus was only man & God can not do this & that? Jesus was the only Prophet who could treat all diseases & open the eyes of many blind people only by his healing Word? & was the only Prophet who said (if 2 men or women, speak about me, anywhere or any time in the whole World, I will be in the middle) & in Quran mentioned that he was able to create from little mud a living bird & he used to know what people were talking in their bedrooms.
My dear brother, did not the Gospel & the Koran approve that Jesus had 2 natures, He was a real perfect man, a carpenter, who had to work all day & had to pray to his God, eat, drink, cry, goes to the Toilet & then died (on the cross) like any man but the only differences were that, he did not commit a single sin all his life & death could not overcome him as happened with Adam & his corrupted descendants, but he rose victoriously from the dead on the early morning of the 3rd day, on Sunday, conquering death & the Devil, as the 4 witnesses of the Gospel said & he will come in the clouds with great glory with millions of his angels in the last day to judge all people). Read Mathew 24 & 25. At the same time, he was the Holy Word & Spirit of God, incarnated in the picture of a man who can do anything like God himself i.e. he was able to create things from nothing, as he created eyes to an old man born blind (read John 9), & heal any disease by his word & even healed patients who touched only his Robe (read Mark 5) to know the heeling of that miserable woman who had bleeding for 12 years, (probably she had cancer uterus?), who spent all her money with doctors without improvement, but when she touched the back of his robe her bleeding stopped immediately and she was healed on the spot completely), & he raised also many dead people from their graves, even those who had been rotten in their graves (read Math 27 & John 11).

The incarnation of the Word & Spirit of God into a Human body, was a great miracle done by God, as the Gospel & the Quran mentioned in many places.
Didn’t you read my brother what is written in Luke 18:27 & Mark 10:27: «what is impossible for men is possible to almighty God? & everything is possible for God».
In John 1:1: written these important verses «In the beginning was the Word (Jesus Christ), & the Word was with God & the Word was God. In him was life & that life was the light of men. Through him all things were made, without him nothing was made that has been made».
Can you not read also Professor? Shall I continue answering your silly questions or that is enough?
Let me ask this imp question, where is Jesus Christ, the Holy Word & Holy Spirit of God incarnated in the picture of a man now? is not in Heaven? & of course he is not a package of decayed, rotten bones in a grave in the under ground like all people who died since the beginning of history? & He will come in the last day in the clouds over the same place in Jerusalem, where he was humiliated, tortured & crucified, with Millions of his Angels with great glory, for the final Judgment & all people dead or alive since the beginning of History, will see clearly the signs of the nails & the big spear which pierced his Holy side, for the love & sake of all men. I told you my dear friend that the only one, who can convince you that Jesus was God Himself incarnated in the picture of a Holy man,
is God himself, but you were ignoring my advice repeatedly. Why you do not try asking Him to give you His best & incomparable gift i.e. the new birth by His Holy Spirit? You will loose nothing. (Reply of Dr Gamil)
With love, from Professor S Hameed

is it true that Jesus Christ was God himself incarnated in the picture of a man?? Continuation of the Dialogue
Reply of Dr G Farah (a Christian) to Prof S Hameed (a Muslim): please read these important verses, to be convinced without any doubt!

In the Gospel in (Revelation 1: 11 & 22:13), Jesus Christ said: «I am the A & Z, the Beginning & the End, the First & the Last ».
In (Revelation 19: 11 – 15,16) written «Then I, John (the disciple) saw what is going to happen in the last day, Heaven opened & a white horse standing there, & the one sitting on the horse was named “Faithful & True”– the one who punishes & makes war. His eyes were like flames, & on his head were many Crowns. A name written on his forehead, & only he knew its meaning. He was clothed with garments dipped in blood (from his enemies), & his title was “the WORD OF GOD”. The armies of Heaven «the angles» dressed in fine linen, white & clean followed him on white horses to throw the unbelievers in the everlasting Hell. In his mouth held a sharp sword (to strikeout the unbeliever Nations). On his robe & on his thigh he has this name written: KING OF KINGS & LORD OF LORDS» (Living Bible)
In (John 1:1-4) written «In the beginning was the WORD (Jesus Christ) & the WORD was with God, & the WORD was God (Himself). In him was life, & that life was the light of men, through him all things were made, without him nothing was made that has been made».
In (John 8:12) Jesus said to the people «I am the LIGHT of the world. Whoever follows me will never stumble in darkness, but will have THE LIGHT OF LIFE».
In (John 8:23) Jesus said to the leaders of the Jews «you are from below (from dust), I am from ABOVE (from Heaven). You are from this world. I AM NOT FROM THIS WORLD».
In (John 10: 30) Jesus told the leaders of the Jews “I & God the Father are ONE”.
In (John 14: 6) told his disciples «I am the WAY (the straight path to Heaven), & the TRUTH (Justice) & the LIFE. No one comes to the God Father except through me».
In (John 11: 25 & 26) Jesus said to Martha before raising her brother Lazarus, his friend, from the dead after he became rotten in his grave for 4 days, «I am the Resurrection & the Life. He, who believes in me, will have a spiritual life in the last day, even though he dies & went to dust, & whoever lives & believe in me will never die. Do you believe in this Martha? ».
In (John 14: 9&10) Jesus said to his doubting Disciple Philip «don’t you know me, Philip, after I have been among you such a long time (about 3.5 Years?) Anyone who has seen me he has seen God. How can you say show us God? Don’t you believe that I am in God, & the God Father is in me»? Jesus told his disciples in (Mathew 28: 18) after rising & conquering death on the third day of his burial & before ascending to Heaven in front of their eyes, not in dreams & darkness: «all authority in Heaven & on Earth has been given to me».
Jesus said in (Mathew 11: 28 – 30) «come to me, all you who are weary & burdened & I will give you rest, take my yoke upon you, and learn from me for I am gentle & humble in Heart, & you will find rest for your souls. For my Yoke is easy & my burden is light».
In (1st Colossian 1: 15-17) written: «Christ the exact likeness of the unseen God. He existed before God made anything at all, & in fact, Christ himself THE WORD OF GOD is the Creator who made every thing in Heaven and Earth, the things we can see & the things we can not; the spirit world with its Kings & Kingdoms, its rulers & authorities; all were made by Christ for his own use & glory. He was before all else began & it is his POWER that holds everything together».
In (Philippi 2: 6,7 & 10) written: «Jesus Christ , who though was God himself, did not demand & cling to His rights as God, but laid aside his mighty power & glory (because of love of all people), taking the disguise of a slave becoming like men. And He humbled himself even further, going so far as actually to die a criminal’s death on a cross … that at the name of Jesus every knee shall bow in Heaven & on Earth & under the earth (in water), & every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is LORD, to the Glory of GOD».
In (Hebrews 1:2,3) «But now in these days God has spoken to us through his son to whom he has given everything, & through whom he made the world & everything there is’.
In (1st Temothy 3: 16) “Beyond all questions the Mystery of Godliness is Great: God Himself appeared in a body of a man, was vindicated by the spirit, was seen by Angles, was preached among the Nations, was believed on in the world, was taken up to Heaven in Glory».
In (Mathew 24: 30 & 31) Jesus Christ said to his Disciples: «then
, in the last day, the signal of my coming will appear in Heaven & there will be deep mourning all around the earth.& the nations of the world (dead or alive) will see me arrive in the clouds of Heaven, with POWER & GREAT GLORY. & I shall send forth my angels with the sound of a mighty trumpet blast & they shall gather my chosen ones from the farthest ends of the earth & heaven».
In (Mathew 25: 31 - 46) Jesus said to his disciples «but when I, the Messiah shall come in my glory (in the Last day), & all the angles with me, then I shall sit upon my THRONE OF GLORY, & all the Nations shall be gathered before me. & I will separate the people as a Shepard separates the sheep from the goats, & place the believers on my right side & the unbelievers on my left. Then I the KING, shall say to those at my right. Come, blessed of my father, into the KINGDOM prepared for you from the founding of the world. … Then I will turn to those on my left & say. Away with you, you cursed ones, into the ETERNAL FIRE prepared for the devil & his demons. … & they shall go away into eternal punishment, but the righteous into everlasting life».
Love from Dr Gamil.
Dear Dr Gamil, you worship Mary as the Mother of God, again breaking the First Commandment. You address her and pray.
Reply of Dr Gamil: only the Catholics do this & this is very wrong of course. Mary was the mother of man Jesus & not the mother of God & of course, it is wrong to say that.

Prof Hameed asked: "He whom the entire universe could not contain was contained within your womb, O Mother of God!!!" If this is not blasphemy, what is blasphemy?
Reply of Dr Gamil: Blasphemy is to deny that God can do whatever he likes to prove his Love to every Human being & save him from Hell. & Mary was the mother of man Jesus & not the mother of God & of course, it is wrong to say that she is the mother of God.

Prof Hameed asked: You have given up the REAL Jesus who taught to follow truth; instead you have embraced Paul who called the Apostles of Jesus, 'false apostles, deceitful workmen, disguising themselves as apostles of Christ.'!!! (2nd Corinthians 11:14).
Reply of Dr G Farah: Can you not read well professor? Paul said that when Peter & other Apostles in Jerusalem were afraid from the Jews to kill them & began to keep away from the uncircumcised people who entered Christianity?

By the way dear friend, God whom we also believe that he is only ONE & has no equal to Him, He also has a mind & wisdom called the WORD OF GOD (i.e. Jesus Christ) by whom He created everything & controlling everything in the whole Universe & a Spirit within him, who is called the HOLY SPIRIT. In other words all Christians believe that Almighty God in spite He is ONE, He is also, one in 3 & 3 in one & has a special name which is particular to Him «God is LOVE»: (1st John 4:16 ) & this is not known in Islam or in any other Religion. & the best verse in the whole Bible was «for God so loved the whole world that he gave (on the Cross as a ransom) his one & only son (Jesus, His incarnated Word & spirit), that whoever believes in him shall not perish in Hell, but will have the eternal happy life in the coming Eternal Kingdom of God» (John 3: 16).
You, did not tell me, you are a Professor in which subject?
Dear Professor S.Hameed. I want to draw your attention, that, as there are grades of rewards in the coming Spiritual Kingdom of God & the best rewards will be given to those who bring other people to this Kingdom. God, will make them great leaders, with great responsibilities, in his Kingdom, there are also as well, different grades of punishment in Eternal Hell & those who know many things, & still resist the truth, & don’t believe in the Lord Jesus Christ as the only Saviour, will have the severest punishment, so be careful my dear friend, whom I enjoyed with him this important dialogue, not to object without careful study, of the holy Scriptures. & better to start reading the Gospel well because it is written about it in Romans 1: 16 “It is God’s powerful method of bringing all who believe it to Heaven in the last day” & also praying to God who is near to you as to your arteries & veins, to show you the real way of Salvation from Eternal Death in Hell.
With love, Prof S H. [Call me 'brother' and not 'son', please]
Reply of Dr Gamil: O.K. my dear brother & friend.
With respect, regards & love, Bye. Dr Gamil Farah.
(1) Man, who was created in the picture of God, in spite he is ONE like God, he also has 3 identities in one person like God, and in other words he is one in 3 & 3 in one. He has a physical body made of dust which when dies it will turn into dust because of the punishment of God, & an eternal Soul who has a MIND which can think & has ability to discern good from evil i.e. Logic, emotions, common sense, wisdom, will & the ability to talk, different from other creatures. At the same time, he has an eternal Spirit from God by whom he is moving & living with it. This is not a philosophy but it is a reality, as the Holy Scriptures say. The eternal Soul & Spirit, are inseparable since birth till Eternity, but as the Gospel says they will have 2 Eternal destinies, in the last day, which according to prophecies it is very close, whether they will be in the happy Eternal Kingdom of God, or in the Eternal Lake of fire (Hell), where weeping, self remorse, gnash of teeth & torture for those who did not believe in the great ransom paid by the Holy Blood shed on the cross & Love of Jesus Christ 2000 years ago.
(2) Dear Professor S Hameed, I believe meeting in live with me was not a coincidence but it was actually prepared by God who loves you & wants to save you & use you to serve Him among the billions of English speaking people in Asia, who don’t know anything about Islam or Christianity, & specially because you know the English Language very well.
(3) Please dear friend consider those very big mistakes written in the Koran, in that Miriam the prophetess who was the sister of the 1st High Priest Haroun & Prophet Moses (Kaleem allah) and the daughter of Am ram (Omran), who died 13 centuries B.C, was the mother of Jesus Christ, & this was a heresy of course, which turn history upside down & make great confusion. Also another big mistake that Alexander the great who was an uncircumcised Greek Leader was regarded by the Quran as a Prophet & this is very strange, because God never allowed an uncircumcised man to be a Prophet, in old days before Jesus came.
(4) Also dear friend I want to draw your attention that in the Gospel in 1st Corinthians 2: 9 written: «the scriptures say that no mere man has ever seen heard or even imagined what wonderful things God has prepared for the believers in the second spiritual life» & in Revelation 21: 5 God said «See, you believer, I am making all things new in the second life». So, definitely what will be in the second spiritual life is of great mystery & of course no one can tell & prophecy what will be its nature & of course also we can not expect anyone killed during the Jihad wars by Muslims to be rewarded with uncountable very white skin beautiful virgin girls (the Hour) & very beautiful white skin young small boys who look like lustrous white pearls to enjoy eternal company
& enjoy sex with them in the second life in the alleged coming Paradise!, or finding rivers of wine to enjoy swimming & drinking from them as mentioned in the Quran.
(5) Last thing I want to say to the readers of this dialogue that I am not against Muslims but on the contrary, I love them all, & since my childhood I had many good friends & even 3 of my brothers became Muslims & still our brotherly good relations didn’t change. God loves all people & His ambition that every man, woman or child might know him as a loving Heavenly Father & that is why when the Disciples asked Jesus Christ to teach them how to pray, he told them that the first verse in their prayers was to address God as “Our Father in Heaven ... Etc” (Mathew 6: 9 - 15).
Ref: the Quran, Old Testament (Torah), Psalms, the Gospel & different books that talk about Islam & Christianity.
Imp notice: Please readers of this dialogue try to forward this message to relatives, friends, & others. & Be sure, God will bless you much for this, because he loves all people in the world & wants them to be saved from eternal death in Hell in the last day & to come to the knowledge of the truth (1st  Temothy 2: 3 & 4).
Good-bye & May Almighty God bless every one in this troubled world.

Dr Gamil Farah from Sudan

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